Orthodontic treatment assists with aligning and structurally correcting the bite of your teeth in order to ensure proper form, function, health, and aesthetics.

Braces work by applying consistent pressure over time in order to gently shift teeth into a more desirable position. Traditional braces consist of brackets which are small squares bonded to the teeth. These brackets act as an anchor and to hold metal wires in place. These wires are used to apply pressure in various directions, guiding the tooth into position. After the braces have corrected your smile, retention is for life so you will be fitted with retainers that will hold everything in its new place.

We offer: Traditional braces, Invisalign, Clearcorrect, Suresmiles and our own in-house designed clear aligners. Talk to one of our providers today to see which is best for you

This treatment is available at our Emerald, Middlemount and Dysart clinics.