Custom-Fitted Sport Mouthguards


Custom-fitted mouthguards are dental-made devices that sit over your teeth to provide the ultimate protection against collision-related injuries.

Custom sport mouthguards can be made and fitted in-house at all three Serenity Dental clinics in Emerald, Dysart and Middlemount.

Each mouthguard is tailored to fit your mouth perfectly, allowing you to speak without it falling out, to provide minimise injury occurring as a result of impacts that are common when playing rough and tumble sports. They offer a simple, effective and affordable way to protect the soft tissues of your mouth, providing far more protection in terms of absorbing a blow to your face than off-the-shelf boil-and-bite mouthguards.

Different sports of course have different risk levels for injury to the teeth, however the Australian Dental Industry Association strongly recommends custom-fitted mouthguards for sports that involve either intentional collisions or a high likelihood of accidental collision. These include: Australian rules football, basketball, boxing, combat sports, hockey, off-road bike riding, soccer, rock climbing, rugby league, rugby union, skateboarding and touch football.