Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD)


Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a unique approach to restorative dentistry that allows patients and their dentists to visually see and evaluate what potential treatment options will look like before the procedure is actually performed.

This visualization can help dentists make adjustments to restorative dental treatments to better address the patient’s needs, while ensuring the patient is happy with how their new teeth will look post-procedure.

In contrast to traditional treatments that focus on the jaw, gums and teeth, DSD takes a more holistic approach, looking at the relationship between the mouth and other features of the face involved in expressions such as smiling. For example, it takes into consideration how the teeth will look and perform in relation to the patient’s cheek structure, lips and more.

Benefits of DSD Include:

  • Improved conceptual diagnostics
  • Enhanced aesthetic outcomes
  • Improved clinical efficiency and predictability of outcomes
  • Better patient satisfaction ratings

This treatment is available at our Emerald and Rockhampton clinics.


Interactive Digital Smile Design

Toggle before and afters by clicking the checkboxes, rotate, zoom and many other features!