Dentures of all types


Dentures are an affordable treatment option for replacing missing teeth, restoring smiles, and improving quality of life. They are typically made from a plastic material, and sometimes include a metal bar to hold everything in place. We offer dentures at our Emerald, Middlemount & Dysart dental clinics. Digital Dentures coming soon to Serenity Dental.

Why should I get dentures?

While losing teeth with age is quite natural, it can have negative effects on your overall quality of life, such as:

  • Causing facial muscles to lose tone
  • Sagging which can make you look older
  • Create a speech impediment
  • Issues with chewing and eating

Dentures prevent the negative effects of missing teeth and help improve your overall quality of life.


Types of Dentures:

A range of different dentures exist to meet the different needs of individuals.

  • Complete dentures
    Complete dentures are for those missing all of their natural teeth. They replace a full set of teeth in the upper, lower(or both) jaws.
  • Partial dentures
    Partial dentures replace some but not all of an individual’s natural teeth.
  • Conventional dentures
    A conventional Denture has a fully removable design that is custom made to perfectly fit your mouth and is placed after any remaining teeth have been removed and the gums healed.
  • Immediate dentures
    Immediate dentures are removable and are placed the same day any remaining teeth are removed, meaning you do not have to go without teeth during the healing process.
  • Overdenture
    In some cases, some teeth may be preserved to help preserve your jawbone, to provide support and stability for the denture. Overdentures simply fit over any existing teeth.


Dentures in Emerald or surrounds

Dentures are available at any of Serenity Dental CQ’s three dental clinics – Emerald, Middlemount and Dysart.

While Serenity Dental CQ is a Bupa preferred dentist and also a preferred provider for HCF, Medibank, Westfund and CBHS, all health funds are accepted with Hicaps used to process claims for you at the time of your appointment. Interest-free dental payment plans are also available.

Contact the Serenity Dental CQ team today to make an appointment to discuss dentures with one of our dental professionals. Phone 07 4982 2001 or book a dental appointment online.