All-on-four Implants

All On Four Implants


Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, those patients needing full (or just upper or lower) teeth replacement can restore their full set of pearly whites with just four implants.

Dentures can be uncomfortable for some patients, as well as requiring additional upkeep and maintenance that many find off-putting. All-on-Four implants provide an attractive alternative for teeth replacement that is both effective and reliable.

With all on four implants, also sometimes called “hybrid” or “fixed-detachable” implants, a full set of teeth can be placed with between 4-6 posts per upper or lower set. Similar to individual implants, a screw is optimally placed and fused with the jawbone to serve as an anchor. Once in place, a post/abutment is placed on each of the four posts. Next, the final set up upper or lower implants (generally made from porcelain or acrylic composite) are put into place.

The end result is a full set up teeth that are comfortable, functional, aesthetic and reliable.

This treatment is available at our Emerald, Middlemount and Dysart clinics.